about me

my name is dan, im an internet wizard who hangs out in the woods all day long (not really tho i fucking wish). im also a creator who likes to write and draw (even if i dont do it as much as id like to) i also enjoy web design from time to time. im a music enthusiast and i listen to music almost constantly and its my favorite art form, i play guitar and bass, my favorite genre is post rock. i spend most of my lots hanging out on the internet. when im not hanging out on the internet, i love to explore places like forests and abandoned areas, or just places ive never been. i really like the webcomic homestuck and am a seer of void. i moderate a few discord servers but im mostly known for owning the church of the signless and the yume nikki discord server. i like to blog sometimes but dont do it as often as id like to, but im very active on my twitter! i live in cork ireland but i was born in america. im kinda a micheal cera character but real.

my face

intrests, likes and dislikes

intrests: art, writing, photography, and other creative things, music (favorite artist is either mac demarco or swans. really like post hardcore, noise rock, indie, post rock, midwest emo, and moreeee...), exploring (love forests and abandoned places), homestuck, weird somewhat creepy games (yume nikki, lsd dream emulator, petscop)

likes: mist/fog, colored hair, girls with short hair, baggy hoodies, messy art, down to earth people, unisex fashion, forests, pine trees, unconventional people, music with substance, my friends, lgbt+ people

dislikes: chewing noises, alchohol, rules, shitty music, impolite people, ketchup, closed minded people, people who pretend to like things


hosted on neocities. remember to listen to good music