favorite media

  • comics: homestuck, scott pilgrim, johnny the homicidal maniac, i feel sick, deadpool
  • cartoons: adventure time, steven universe, invader zim, mission hill, mtv downtown
  • anime: fooly cooly, evangelion, soul eater, serial experiments lain, watamote
  • manga: berserk, naruto (for nostalgia reasons)
  • movies: scott pilgrim vs the world, the matrix, the star wars films, gardenstate, juno,
  • tv shows: stranger things, ancient aliens, star trek the next generation
  • books: the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, homestuck (i guess?)
  • video games: yume nikki, terraria, minecraft, shovel knight, hyper light drifter, half life 2, the legend of zelda windwaker
  • musicians: death grips, gorillaz, radiohead, slint, american football, brand new, neutral milk hotel
  • favorite albums: in the aeroplane over the sea, spiderland, american football, frankenstein girls will seem strangely sexy.
  • overall favorite pieces of media: homestuck, scott pilgrim (movie and comics), fooly cooly, hyper light drifter, spiderland (slint)

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