more info on me!


im learning the guitar. im still a begginer but i really enjoy it. i own a fender squier telecaster in teal. telecaster's are my favorite style of guitars. id love to be a musician someday because i look up to so many musicians. this is my tele

i was born in america and moved to ireland when i was 15. im in 4th year in irish school currently.

people who inspire me/people i look up to: micheal gira. lead singer and player of many instruments in the experimental band swans, writer, owner of record label young god records, all around cool old guy with awesome stories to tell. check him out on young god records website, andrew hussie. writer and artist of the webcomic homestuck as well as other webcomics. good meme man who created my favorite piece of fiction ever, probably my dad,inspired my art style drastically, go read homestuck here,

more shit will be on this page in the future!