a page to show off the kind of things i tend to wear and to show what my sense of fashion is


my daily wears:

hair and body mods: shoulder length hair ginger hair wavy, piercing in each ear always wear the same black ball studs.

top/shirt: a black t shirt with a random graphic on it, or a random colorful graphic tee, maybe a bleached or tie dyed shirt, or a long sleve shirt with a pattern or just plain one, or a button up shirt either a thin flannel or just a plain button up long sleve shirt in some color

pants/bottoms: studded belt, either black, grey, maroon or maybe some other color slim or skinny jeans. i usually cuff them since i wear high top shoes. i absolutely hate blue jeans and never ever fucking wear them. sometimes i wear joggers usually in black

shoes: as for shoes i wear either converse all stars (i have a white leather pair right now that i wear a lot), simple grey knock off vans, and im hoping to be buying a cherry red pair of doc marten 1460's.

jacket/ yknow that thing you wear over your shirt: ill sometimes wear a plaid flannel, or a plain hoodie probably in a darker color like dark or grey, or my school jacket which kinda looks like a dark blue poofy vintage wind breaker, or i have a long military style jacket with a hood in olive green that i wear from time to time (right now its the jacket i put my patches on), or hopefully in the future ill have a black denim jacket covered in patches and pins.

accessories: i tend to wear hairbands on my wrists just in case i need to tie up my hair, i always have my keys hanging from my belt, i have my phone and headphones, i sometimes wear a dad cap or just like baseball cap.

obviously all these things can be worn in any combination that doesnt look completly stupid


some photos of me actually wearing clothes

(more photos to come soon, check my insta and twitter to see stuff first)


my fashion sense mood board:


brands, stores and clothing i really like: converse, doc martens, band shirts from anywhere, h&m, denim jackets, military jackets, wind breakers, military boots, hair dye if that counts, flannel shirts

fashion icons (people i try to dress like): mac demarco, mc ride, kurt cobain,

if you wanna see my fashion insporation i have a fashion inspo and general aesthetic thread on my twitter that is pretty damn long. click here and check it out